Thursday, August 23, 2007

My First Road Trip all by myself: Part I the departure

Over 19 1/2 years ago my first child entered my body and I became a mother for life adding 4 more along the way. Although my motherly journey still continues I am taking a weekend for myself. I have an opprotunity to spend some time creating a new relationship or prospective about money. I just recently turned over our finances to Blake and for the first time in 22 years I let go (feels like a breath of fresh air) of knowing what money comes in and out and the bill paying (except my 3 bills I pay with child support) in not my responsibility. I have a budget and our goal is to become debt free and stay debt free I am on board but not in the drivers seat for the first time. 

So tomorrow I will leave bright and early and venture out to San Diego, CA for a weekend build from my law of attraction. I know all will be well when I am gone and so I can enJoy myself and get to know myself more without the help of my fabulous partners (children, Blake and friends) and without my wonderful world I have created. I get to take on new feeling of flying free to expand my wings even more. I have no expectations or hopes of nothing more than a chance to simply spend my time peacefully enJoying me. 

So for now I am complete and I will resume on Monday with an update of my weekend date with myself. 

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