Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Appreciation of Kid Questions and the Internet, more Expansion

Mitchel keeps asking me questions lately: "how tall was the tallest man in the world?" "How hot is lava?" "what does this or that mean?" I usually answer with lets look it up on the internet. We look it up and then we even get pictures and locations which leads to a whole new world and more questions. Carter asks questions like "how do you make an avocado?" "I want to make baby tomatoes." I am not sure if the internet could do this for us but I am sure it could show us the process of tomato growth step by step. I remember before internet, Danyell and Marc would ask a question and I would have to answer "I am not sure maybe the Guineiss Book of World Records would know." or "maybe we could find it out in a book."
I am so happy for expansion and progress in our universe and I am so grateful for their questions. Just think how truly great those two are together ask and the answer appears in moments. . . Perfection!

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