Thursday, August 23, 2007

My First Road Trip all by myself: Part I the departure

Over 19 1/2 years ago my first child entered my body and I became a mother for life adding 4 more along the way. Although my motherly journey still continues I am taking a weekend for myself. I have an opprotunity to spend some time creating a new relationship or prospective about money. I just recently turned over our finances to Blake and for the first time in 22 years I let go (feels like a breath of fresh air) of knowing what money comes in and out and the bill paying (except my 3 bills I pay with child support) in not my responsibility. I have a budget and our goal is to become debt free and stay debt free I am on board but not in the drivers seat for the first time. 

So tomorrow I will leave bright and early and venture out to San Diego, CA for a weekend build from my law of attraction. I know all will be well when I am gone and so I can enJoy myself and get to know myself more without the help of my fabulous partners (children, Blake and friends) and without my wonderful world I have created. I get to take on new feeling of flying free to expand my wings even more. I have no expectations or hopes of nothing more than a chance to simply spend my time peacefully enJoying me. 

So for now I am complete and I will resume on Monday with an update of my weekend date with myself. 

Going up the Emotional Scale Through Growth and Perspective

Yesterday was so fun and as the night came in, 6pm to be exact, I had one of those mommy moments that I am not proud of. I am working myself out of feeling guilt I know this is a feeling I so have felt much in the past and it does nothing to serve me or anyone else. So up the latter into sadness. I feel sad because behaving in rage is a feeling I least like and how can I avoid going there again? I know Mitchel is 7 and yet when he is relentlessly unhappy and displaying it how can I stand back away from my emotions and not get involved? How can I help the needs of one while providing for the needs of myself and 2 other children? Up the scale some more into frustration. I look back on myself and know that just leaving would have upset Bree and Carter but Mitch and I could worked things out more peacefully. Up some more into hopefulness. I know that I am human and not all the time do I handle things the way I believe I should. I get wrapped up into the whole self-centered emotion and I know I am learning and growing from it. I did do things I choose not even to apologize for or to write about (I choose not to repeat them again) because then I finally stopped stood back and remembered LOVE. When I returned home I remember being 7 and the only way I had learned how to express my feeling of not getting what I wanted or needed was to get my mom upset anyway I could until I got what I wanted (really did not work for me). I am determined to be a different parent so what do I do NOW? I picked up Mitchel hugged him told him that I will work on my behavior and that I do things that I am not proud of. Then I said all the right things. I think I am into knowledge and happiness Now. He has been frustrated about not getting the video game he wanted since he got the video game last week. He is also frustrated by the current or previous game he has because he feels stuck and does not know what to do. 

So because I want my son to be happy and that will contribute to our families wholeness I can help fix his frustration. I know he will learn that things do not make you happy but if your passion is gaming (or at least for now) then it is easy for me to see that what was frustrating him was real to him.

I can feel my tears of joy well up in me, as I give to my children I get, as a stop and quite myself I get to see the solution right in front of my eyes, when I parent from my heart I know that my gift of being a real loving person shines through and I feel so at peace. I am so grateful that I have my children especially the ones that push me to look within myself and become the person I am inside to shine on the outside. 

I am grateful to my friends who I know understand and forgive me for I am a work in progress. I am grateful to my husband that said to me last night "you know what to do for Mitchel you are so like him." I am grateful to Carter for saying "your the best mom, when your not being mean." I am grateful to Bree for saying after all the dust settled "mom I am just going to choose to be happy, do you want to watch a movie with me?" I am grateful to myself for I know I am growing and expanding as long as I focus on the now and the unconditional love I have for myself and those around me I can only do well. 

Oh how painful moments can bring about such growth and understanding. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rampage: Well Being vs Reading

Ok so I am an emotionally driven person. So I would like the world to take a chill and let up on children about READING. Yes, I agree that to an extent, it is important yet words are all around and when they are ready they will read, damn it!!

A meal for reading, donuts for reading, stickers and tokens for reading, shirts and prizes for reading. What is so damn important about reading that our society deems it as the single most important skill a child would NEED to possess. No wonder we have so many unhappy adults in the world that yes know how to read. What ever happened to plain jane always wonderful always feel good just being well and HAPPY!?!

In the past 12 years I have read the most amount of books I have ever read and enJOYed them. I read them for knowledge and just recently I read for fun. But during my younger years books were NOT for me. I felt pressure to read what they (teachers) told me to read instead of allow me to read what I may find interesting. Maybe I did not read cause I was not ready or care to. Maybe I was an artist and painting or photography was my thing. Maybe numbers were my thing and reading did not feel as important. Maybe I just wanted to sit and meditate for 10-20 years and reading was not needed.

I believe that with words in all things and with my enJOYment of laying in bed snuggling next to two little men (and the siblings that proceeded them) with books, a smile and happiness of well being that they (Mitch and Carter) will learn to read naturally how ever that looks or feels to them individually. I trust in their process as I do in myself. Even if all they keep from their experience with mom nightly is their personal sense of Well Being and Happiness I will sleep peacefully at night no worries. 
Moms, dads society take a Big chill pill and trust in these little beings they know more and are here for contrast and pure positive self enJoyment and well being. Focus on your well being and sense of self and love and allow the children that choose to come into this world space and trust. They know what they came here for and know what is best for their journey. Reading is but a simple small skill in the whole picture and life means more in thoughts, actions and space then reading could tell!

Appreciation of Kid Questions and the Internet, more Expansion

Mitchel keeps asking me questions lately: "how tall was the tallest man in the world?" "How hot is lava?" "what does this or that mean?" I usually answer with lets look it up on the internet. We look it up and then we even get pictures and locations which leads to a whole new world and more questions. Carter asks questions like "how do you make an avocado?" "I want to make baby tomatoes." I am not sure if the internet could do this for us but I am sure it could show us the process of tomato growth step by step. I remember before internet, Danyell and Marc would ask a question and I would have to answer "I am not sure maybe the Guineiss Book of World Records would know." or "maybe we could find it out in a book."
I am so happy for expansion and progress in our universe and I am so grateful for their questions. Just think how truly great those two are together ask and the answer appears in moments. . . Perfection!

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Life in Slow Mode and Gaining More Lessons from my kids

I have been been very relaxed and moving in very slow mode the past few days "catch up time":
Friday Night Bree and I rented High School Musical 1, she wanted me to see the first before the 2nd one started at 8pm. So we invited friends (they refused to see that "crap") and so we choose to spend the night just her and I doing High School Marathon alone. Now at first I did NOT want to see or hear any thing remotely musical (lovey dovey etc) but as Bree's mother I wanted Bree to have fun. I made her veggie dip, bought her special potato chip and opened up chocolate covered pretzels. We started at 6 pm and continued up til 10 pm. Now please keep this under wraps but I did enjoy the movies. Yes, I was very entertained and the company was in was perfect. Mitchel even watched even though he said he did not want to watch. Carter played video games and we watched HS Musicals. The night was perfect!
Saturday I spent the morning at Ceilja's home (Parenting expert) talking about raw foods and then we made a beautiful salad together and had a wonderful lunch and conversation for many hours. I love my fav food and conversation and FRIENDS. 
Sunday: We enjoyed a very family day. Mitchel bought himself a new Pokemon game that he does not like and so he decided to sell it on He decided to set the price and then told be that if it did not sell today (Sunday) then he would reduce the price for 3 days but that he was not going any lower than 16 dollars. What a hard bargainer! Later that night around 10:30 pm Mitch, Carter, Bree and I got into the hot tub for a great conversation=
Now I do not understand why my ex (Bree's dad) keeps up with his lack of trust about Bree's learning. I home schooled our kids when he and I were married but since we divorced it all the sudden is not a good idea any more. So he is on Bree all the time (he and I have been into fights lots of times over it) to get her to go to school and read more and brib her to read, offering money for a read book. This time my ex went to Blake (current husband) and wanted to know how to approach me about sending Bree to Montessori school that his Aunt and Uncle would pay for. Of course I said "No" but I felt like it was up to Bree to be the real decision maker since it would be her going to school. So in the hot tub I asked her if she knew about the school thing and she said "why is he always trying to get me to go to school. I have decided that he is just not going to listen to me no matter what. I have cried to him many times and told him that he makes me feel dumb. If I dont go to school then I wont be smart. I tell him I am learning everything I need to know in the world from real life!" Mitchel said "Bree, old people just dont understand us kids. My dad wants me to read too and I just ignore him I'll read when I want and now I just love to play video games, watch TV, eat, swim, and jump on the trap" He thought for a moment and then added "Mom you are one of the old people that understands us kids but most of you old people dont."
Carter just said "yea!"
I sat their in silence (I know what your thinking, hard to believe D was quite) and realized again how strong my kids are and that they know and believe in themselves. I was amazement and felt great that they could say these things in front of me and knew that YES I do get kids because even though Mitch sees me in an "old" person I feel very young and I am still learning and I know I am smart too!
Monday: I woke up from a funny/great dream at 6:30am, believe it or not, and then went on a bike ride with B. My silence did not last long enough because I did not think it would be not ok to tell B about the hot tub conversation. He was very made at me??? Oh well so I just allowed him to hang with  the kids and I left for the day.  Really did I say it, No and if he does not like how the kids see him then he needs to look at himself and leave me out.
Off the subject many moments in the day I would love to be free of a husband and then there is fewer moments I want him still. I better ask for more wonderful moments and work on my beliefs. More mirrors right?????
Now as I say Good Night Mitch and Carter are play some hero role play and wanting to beat the Midnight hour of staying up. How sucky for me and them would it be if they started school tomorrow instead of already learning, growing, expanding, and gaining wonderful memories everyday even at Midnight.
Happy Not-Back-to-Prison(oh sorry) School-day!
I am FREEEEEE and so are all the people I live with what a fabulous life I have!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Being a Mother is Worth all the stuff. . .

As Mitchel and I laid next to one another and enjoyed some Tv time then out of the blue sky he said:

M: Did you see the kid that I was playing with as the last part of the Life Learner's, the big black kid with his shirt off?
D: Yes
M: He asked me how old I was and I told him I was 7, he said that I must be going into 2nd grade. I told him that I not in any grade and I am homeschooled. He asked how does that work. I told he I get to do whatever I want, even watch Tv all day if I want. "I have the best life a kid could have!"

I want to cry tears of joy just writing this. Do other mothers with their children in school ever get to hear those words?? I wonder? 

Then every night I get a huge hug and kiss with "You are the best mom in the world no one could ever replace you!"

My life is perfect!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rainbows, Heat and Hearts of Joy

Another Perfect day under the hot sun Bree and I love taking photos and videos after all a picture is worth 1000 words and we take a book full of memories:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life Experiences, yea I'm Still Learning?

Give and Then I Get
My Mirrors

I keep wanting to remind myself that my husband is the best mirror I have. For too long to say Blake and I have been at odds with the whole unschooling/life learning issue and this has caused us both a lot of avoidable pain. Last night (very late) Blake and I worked ourselves into another argument of blame and why's. I want XYZ kind of life and he thinks what we had was fine with ABC and so it goes on. This morning when I awoke I felt so sad and I was thinking that what he says hurts me so that I just want out of this marriage (in 13 years) and that I am the victim here. 

So I called my soul mother (friend) Dixie and hoped that she would help me see what I could not. The woman is a miracle in my life. She did exactly what I needed and wanted, she put it back on ME. Yes that is right she said "Are you giving what your asking for?" In other words I want trust from Blake to know that I know what works with the kids and I but I know I am not trusting him to find his thoughts and path, to discover what works and does not work when it comes to the kids. WOW a hard pill to swallow sometimes. 

Another thing she pointed out (isn't she sooo helpful) was that when I am strong enough in my choices and the belief and love in myself that no longer will Blake need to show me things I am not comfortable with or hurt by. That no matter what another person says to you, you can choose to take it to heart or just see the true pain the person is in and that causes them to be defensive. Blame feels better than powerlessness or argue. Seeing that little child within all of us and not take hurtful words to heart and just forgive is important to help us grow as a beings. 

I realize that I build up huge walls of protection from others and this is rowing upstream against the current and does not feel good to me or the person (especially Blake)I am pushing away. I want to manifest good feelings and love unconditionally. I want to grow forwards into a border expanded being and show up for others and give even when pain is involved. 

I know I am a giving being and from now on I choose to give all the time especially when the picture seems a bit ugly. I choose share my life Blake and to allow our friendship to happen again. We choose to give 2 children a chance to be apart of us and our experiences. We all deserve to feel understood and loved especially when pain is in the way. 

I feel so satisfied and full filled knowing that I get to consciously choose the way my life becomes by my thoughts and feelings. Dixie could have given Blake all the power by allowing me to stay a victim and lead the conversation through my pain. Instead we all win because she made clear suggestions and led the conversation towards allowing me to empower myself. I get to take responsibility of my perception and allow the well being to flow with my part in my relationship with Blake. I so inspire anyone who really wants to help a friend or self to keep the focus on loving our self, giving love and allow others to be what they choose. 

We all do things we are not always proud of and so do others, "forgiveness is meaning to never have to say "I'm Sorry"."

I called Blake and thanked him for showing me a part of myself I could not see without him. I grew a little spiritually (consciously) more today and gained more of an understanding of allowing. Everyday I feel that I am letting go more and more of the oars and allowing the flow of love to push my boat down stream while I go forward and the current slowing breaks my walls down.

I love me and I love you!

When the Stars Go Blue & Dust Lights Up & Shoots Across the Sky

The sun set and the stars turned blue and bright
Dust from meteors lit up and shot across the sky
Laughs, ooohs and ahhhhs were heard, magic was felt
Branded in the memories taken by the soul 
Surrounded by a blanket of love, friends and the perfection of the night sky!

My Life Learning, My Window, Kids Life Learning, Their Window

I created this blog to share my unschooling/life learning experiences and thoughts and though I am a mother of 5 unschooling children their experiences are theirs and I am a key player in their game of life and not their "teacher" or "ruler". I can only know what they share with me and even that is through my perspective. So I came to the conclusion today that I will not discect their learning, growing, or thinking, only mine. 
I do not think it is my right to sit down and write what and how Carter is learning how are his reading skills, math skills, etc developing from playing his video game? I trust that what ever Carter is gaining from his world through his thoughts is what he needs to be what ever he chooses. I know that I have a passion for growth as a human/woman and he sees this everyday within me. If I inspire him on any level than thats great if he chooses to go off in another direction I am comfortable with that choice also. I am completely confident that all 5 of my children are gaining experiences through life. Living their constrast (good or bad)  is perfect and I am here to support them while supporting myself along the way. 
I may not agree with their choices and at the same time I want to allow them to choose, as long as it is not physically dangerous, of course. I think the hard part of my parenting has come as my children have gotten older and really start to gain an understanding of their true power and selfness. Coming from me, a former control attict, this is a bit challenging for myself and yet I look upon it with a smile knowing that this is what they came for . . . Pure Freedom to live their lives choosing what works for them and what does not. 
I love being me and I love the choice I made to become a mother and allow them to live in a world of their choosing. Knowing all along the way that they will grow and be who they are and I get to love them and watch while living my own life all along the way!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Meet the New Improved DharMEEZ

So welcome to my blog and meet the new and ever better Dharmeez!!

This is great you dont have to work out, get a boob job, lipo, or pay for that expensive hair cut (yesterday mine was FREE) to make over the new animated you! I invite all of you to create a Meez of your own (found it very fun) I decided I take the best pictures in the virtual word!

Hope you all are having as much fun as I am today!!!


Fabulous Friday-Hair Cuts & Live Plays

Hair Cut a la Miranda (mentor, goddess of food and photos): As the curls from her head fell to the floor, the talking continued and this Miranda created:

Amazing that what a difference life is when someone is listening! I love my hair! Thank you Miranda with your beautician hat on!

Super Summer Theater "Jesus Christ Superstar"

The picnic and play was only complete with the  company that surround me. Paula, Josh, Paul's bonus daughter (forgot name, sorry), Kelly, husband, friend, Miranda, Emma, Alex, Cary, Mitchel, Carter, Darlene all ate, laughed, played, cuddled, and watched live entertainment. I my opinion the play was the least favorite part of my night. I preferred the play before and after. Thanks for a fabulous Friday!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Life Learning Moment

The day was sunny and warm complete with raw Friendship Pie made especially with love as a gift to all, new friends, more crocheting and completely soulful conversation with the regular Life Learners. . . I always feel full and at the same time I want some more! Our days are never the same always full of laughs and love come and fill up your cup and get support for a life of pure free joy!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Allowing and Trusting

Listening to another talk of what "we dont" do seems so foreign now but it was not too long ago that I too was there too. NO TV, No video games, no swimming on Tuesday after 8pm when the moon was full.LOL I know when you are there it seems like some rules are ok and what you are doing seems not harmful. A little schooling or "teaching" how could that be harmful. A little push in the "right" direction and as long as they are having fun they will not know what my true intentions are, I have to guild them they are just children. After all I know what is best and I know what is "best" for my children I am their mother, right? wrong. 

I really do not understand how I or anyone ever really gets it in there head that they know what is best for another. How can one person see through the mind or inner being of another? I know that where you are is where you are and that just is. What if we could all step back and remind ourselves that trust=unconditional love. Living a life in which you attract what you want and feel good about the world and if you are not feeling good showing your children that you can come up the scale quickly. Examples are the best thing anyone can offer children. Letting your children know you trust them to do what is best for them and reminding them to allow their inner being to lead them through emotional wellbeing. What feels good feels good what feels bad feels bad. Plain and simple. Trust yourself, trust your children and know that they have it in them to make the best decisions for them. 

Guild through example and love and trust. 
Become Joyous
Find your passion
Snuggle and love them 
Love others 
Find a common interest with them and do it together.
Eat one meal or dessert together a week while discussing if everyones needs are met in a easy going way.
Go on a hike, go swimming, sing and dance, show them its fun to be silly and laugh 
Play a game
Try new things 
Find a group or make one with others who want to live freely and everyone can play the whole day
and . . . 

For the most part be honest and ask them for suggestions they are people too, they can be your long time friends. Let them know that you are learning and even ask them to remind you if are becoming controlling or ???? I have learned and continue to learn more from them then any other person or thing I have done. 

WE all know what we want and need . . .

Thursday, Knowledge feels so GREAT

Through all the stuff that is going on with B and I, I still love me and I feel only like having fun. My life and self are precious to me and I know that even though we choose to live together and "get married" that we have 2 seperate journeys also. 
I realize that he is on a very slow path and unlike some of you may, do I cannot just do things to please him. I feel as if he is asking me to "teach" someone that is not asking is like asking me to place both my hands around my child's throat and squeeze just enough to barely keep them breathing. In the words (sarcasm) of Caroline "I do not have the time to ruin my relationship with my children!"  
I do have time to help when asked and ask when I need help:
Today Sydney (Caroline's daughter/and my split self 25 years later) asked me to show her how to crochet and then we even figured out a different way for her to do it that she could use her knees to hold the yarn-plastic. Once she figured it out she was in pure possitive JOY. While showing and helping Sydney I was also very calm (very different than the force schooling I use to do to my children) and so was she. It was to me fun to help another person learn something I knew something about. She apppered to be having fun and I know I was. I love mentoring, it is fun-teaching is NOT.
While I was at Caroline's I asked if she could help me with my Blog. She showed me different ways to add my Youtube video's and other things on photobucket and up loading pictures from there also. We were both laughing through the whole process. I love being mentored, she was calm and witty and there was no force. 
Now the whole time Mitch and Carter were so enjoying playing with toys and video games and maybe even learning something (what???), while Breeana hung out with us and we eventually did silly questionaires while she read them to us. Sydney and Jordan played roles with their new Sonic toys. We all laughed and even made fun of people (where we once were) and laughed some more of how rediculus we once were.

The majority of this western culture can not seem to reconize how amazing the whole process of just becoming a human BEING is. To go from a sperm to an egg (hard as that is) to a single cell organism to the very complex being, all within 9 months. Then we squeeze through a hole the size of . . .  well you know the rest and then people are worried about reading, writing, math, etc. what the hell????LOL Why not ask a tree to read since the seed only falls from the ground or even is planted, it rains or it is watered, and then sun shines. Not very long the seed sprouts, within a year the tree is here and within 2-3 years its ready to give us fruit and all this requires what???LOL

What would we love to be hearing (or say to our children) on our first day into this Physical Life Experience and even be reminded every Birth Day after:

Welcome to planet earth there is nothing that you can not be, do or have. You are a magnificient creator and you are here by your powerful and deliberate wanting to be here. You have secsifically applied the Law of Deliberate Creation and by your ability to do that you are here. Go forth, giving thought to what you are wanting, attracting life experiences to help you decide what you want and once you have decided giving thought only unto that. Most of your time will be spent collecting data. Data that will help you decide what it is that you want. But your real work is to decide what you want and then to focus upon it. It is through focusing upon it that you will attract it. That is the process of creating. Giving thought to what you want, so much thought and such clear thought that your inner being offers forth emotion and as you are giving thought with emotion you become the most powerful of all magnets. That is the process by which you will attract within your experience. Many of the thoughts that you will be thinking will not be powerful in their attracting, not in the beginning. Not unless you stay focused within them long enough that they become more and as they become more in quantity, they become more in power. As they become more in quantity and more in power the emotion that comes forth from inner being will be greater. When you think a thought with no emotion you are creating pretty much on your own. When you think thoughts with emotion you accessed the power of the universe. Go forth on this first day of life experience knowing that your work is to decide what you want and then focus upon that. 

These are words I remind myself and if you ask I offer them to you. Enjoy your life experience and Thank you for all your love and support. 
My Life is Perfect!!!!

Not so Peaceful Rant

OK I am going to warn you that "where I am" now in this moment is not pretty, not peaceful and I am soooo in an emotion of RAGE, ANGER, REVENGE, HURT! Why-because . . .
1. I want a partner that supports me.
2. I want to be accepted by my partner and thought of as amazing (I think I am)
3. I want the friendship that we once had the fun and great times.
4. I want to be trusted, my children trusted
5. I want Blake to open up and read a little about unschooling, about the unschooling lifestyle because it is obvious after 2 F'ing years that I am just not doing or saying what he needs to understand.

Right this moment I think he is ruining my and my children's' unschooling experience and I know if he just read on book, a couple of blogs, or something for goddess sake he would get the whole picture and the light in that hard head of his would go on.

Instead "I am his problem" I am no longer his wife" direct Blake quotes.

What I am unwilling to do according to Blake: I will not "teach" Mitchel,7yrs to read and yet I have said he may if he chooses. Same thing different day, please someone hook up the video camera so that we can record the fight and I can walk away and he can have his moment.
He is scared that Mitchel with lose his brilliance.
He thinks we have to foster the intelligence by reading.

WHY WHY WHY cant he just look around and see Mitchel IS learning to read without me, him, the teacher, the neighbor, the dog, etc!

I see a very unhappy man wanting to stick his stuff on me and then it relieves him of his stuff and if Mitchel reads than one part of his life will be perfect, right?

I am tired of this and I am not sure how much I want to be with him any more and I am not the type to handle unwellness for very long and that is what I work on everyday. I want to stay for Mitch and Carter cause I am NOT involving the courts into my life again and so I will push through and stay for now but I wish I could go (how I feel in this moment).

How can a person like me (one who finally feels free and confident and loves herself and gaining a since of joy) go and "teach" anything to someone that is not open to wanting to be taught or mentored, he is not asking, Blake!
Can he not see Joy, Fun, Love, going on or does he see it and that pisses him off (he would never admit this).
I see unschooling wanting to come out of him but he is choosing to stay is misery and pain.

I am perfect and I feel so much better. I will focus on my wants and work on my emotions. I never made our conversation personal and I will keep my focus on the now and move on with my passion and joy. Allowing Blake to be where he is is such a challenge right now, cuz I just want to yell and hit him (besides me feeling better) I know it only gives him my power and I will not go there anymore. I am a grown up and grown ups do other things like . . . BLOG.

Done and
Thanks for baring with me,

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MAKING MOVIES & No Complaints & Another Blog

Lately I have been into making movies on my Mac Laptop with IMOVIE and I am having so much fun. I first made a video for a very close friend/mom figure, Dixie and then rat and dog and then I compilled lots of photos of our family over the past 3 years and made a very long 10 min one. You could see these here on this site except that is the on thing I am most challenged over. My goal is to post the movies to Youtube and then put them on my blog. However, the whole putting on my blog is the part I am most having a time with. I really thought I was or am a computer literate person I wonder if it is because I really do not want to learn on my own and perhaps a mentor-goddess friends (hint hint to all those reading this entry) sounds like much more fun and tomorrow is Life Learner day what a quinky dink(my word: meaning cosincidence). So hopefully very soon you may look at my art work in the film industry.

Why have I not blogged for the past 6 days? I love to blog what could stop me? ? ? Do I dare say, I love to be positive and so not feeling so positive I did not want to get on here and complain. So as Abraham-Hicks would say focus on the positive or make it up. I am here for love peace and en Joy ment. The positive things I loved during the past 6 days:
Going to 2 good movies with me: "No Reservations" and "Talk To Me"
Watching Carter and Mitch do what they love "Game Cube" "PS2" 
Swimming and relaxing
Jumping on the tramp with Marc, Salina, Mitch, Carter, Bree
Making a Fabulous Monday dinner: Living Pasta and Mock chinese rice
Eating lots of watermelon
Making movies
Talking to friends 
Noticing Life, flowers and loving myself more.

There I did it and it was not so hard. Actually it was fun and I feel as if I am going up the emotional scale headed for hopefulness!

I almost forgot I am starting another blog especially dedicated to one piece of My Peaceful Pie, Eating Living Fruits and Veggies in a creative way. It is called Raw Piece of P Pie or It has recipes and will have raw food prep tips. I spent lots of time up loading recipes I used when I was first raw.

Well it is now midnight and I can barely keep my eyes open since I paused this blog and started blog#2. I love this bloggin stuff I feel like its a great start to my future book and also an insight into my own thoughts, scary. I am soooo excited tomorrow/today is LL day and that means fun for all. 
Good Night

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Life Learning Wednesdays

A Day of BLISS!

Keegan trampoline jumping at 11:30pm
Sydney and Carter collecting fire stuff, Jordan fire pit captin, Bree just relaxing 11pm
Bella (puppy) loves Terrible (Rat)
Jordan swimming with Terrible
Emma getting kisses from Bella
Breeana helping Sydney jump into the pool from the wall. 9:30 pm.
Quinn collecting fire stuff, Jordan leader of fire pit, Sydney collector while Bree relaxes

The unschooling group Las Vegas Life Learners or our other family, meet weekly on Wednesdays. For those of you that are unfamilar with unschooling it is like recess with all your best friends. This recess is more like one of those days when you are with your best friends and having so much fun you never want it to end except you dont have to go home until you want to. You dont have to eat unless you want to and then you can have junk all day long if you want to. You do what you want to do and your parents trust you and allow you to do it. Your day is more like one big adventure after another, I think even better than an amusement park. 

This week our day was at my house complete with puppy, rat (pet), pool, hot tub, trampoline, jumping off wall into the pool, jumping off wall onto the trampoline, fire making, video games, food (raw yummy food, ice cream with cones, cookies, candy), cartoons, late night sleep over, late morning, knowledge and learning, hugs and kisses, facing your fears with a friend to hold your hand. I have so far not heard of many schools were children can laugh, play, and get along soooo well that the mothers get to en JOY great conversation, food and laugh themselves. 

The day rained and yet shined with so much perfection that I wish it was Life Learning day everyday, oh ya it just about is. I love my world!
I believe our day was fullfilling for all those involved.  
Our group calls ourselves, Las Vegas Life Learners and yet I call it