Saturday, August 18, 2007

Being a Mother is Worth all the stuff. . .

As Mitchel and I laid next to one another and enjoyed some Tv time then out of the blue sky he said:

M: Did you see the kid that I was playing with as the last part of the Life Learner's, the big black kid with his shirt off?
D: Yes
M: He asked me how old I was and I told him I was 7, he said that I must be going into 2nd grade. I told him that I not in any grade and I am homeschooled. He asked how does that work. I told he I get to do whatever I want, even watch Tv all day if I want. "I have the best life a kid could have!"

I want to cry tears of joy just writing this. Do other mothers with their children in school ever get to hear those words?? I wonder? 

Then every night I get a huge hug and kiss with "You are the best mom in the world no one could ever replace you!"

My life is perfect!


boodafli said...
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boodafli said...

that other comment had a weird link. anyway, what i said was that i wrote an article about making dreds, because so many people asked me about it. you can find it here.

great blog, by the way.

Caroline said...

I really can see that he is so very happy. Go Mom!