Thursday, August 2, 2007

Life Learning Wednesdays

A Day of BLISS!

Keegan trampoline jumping at 11:30pm
Sydney and Carter collecting fire stuff, Jordan fire pit captin, Bree just relaxing 11pm
Bella (puppy) loves Terrible (Rat)
Jordan swimming with Terrible
Emma getting kisses from Bella
Breeana helping Sydney jump into the pool from the wall. 9:30 pm.
Quinn collecting fire stuff, Jordan leader of fire pit, Sydney collector while Bree relaxes

The unschooling group Las Vegas Life Learners or our other family, meet weekly on Wednesdays. For those of you that are unfamilar with unschooling it is like recess with all your best friends. This recess is more like one of those days when you are with your best friends and having so much fun you never want it to end except you dont have to go home until you want to. You dont have to eat unless you want to and then you can have junk all day long if you want to. You do what you want to do and your parents trust you and allow you to do it. Your day is more like one big adventure after another, I think even better than an amusement park. 

This week our day was at my house complete with puppy, rat (pet), pool, hot tub, trampoline, jumping off wall into the pool, jumping off wall onto the trampoline, fire making, video games, food (raw yummy food, ice cream with cones, cookies, candy), cartoons, late night sleep over, late morning, knowledge and learning, hugs and kisses, facing your fears with a friend to hold your hand. I have so far not heard of many schools were children can laugh, play, and get along soooo well that the mothers get to en JOY great conversation, food and laugh themselves. 

The day rained and yet shined with so much perfection that I wish it was Life Learning day everyday, oh ya it just about is. I love my world!
I believe our day was fullfilling for all those involved.  
Our group calls ourselves, Las Vegas Life Learners and yet I call it 


Caroline said...

Aren't we soooo lucky!?!

Annette said...

Hey Beautiful, I just found your blog - awesome! It was great to see the photos. Gosh I miss you all. Love and big hugs from down under...Annette xxx

Miranda said...

Thanks for reminding me why I HAD to come! I would be sooo sad right now reading this post if I had not been a part of it! Love ya!!