Thursday, August 9, 2007

Allowing and Trusting

Listening to another talk of what "we dont" do seems so foreign now but it was not too long ago that I too was there too. NO TV, No video games, no swimming on Tuesday after 8pm when the moon was full.LOL I know when you are there it seems like some rules are ok and what you are doing seems not harmful. A little schooling or "teaching" how could that be harmful. A little push in the "right" direction and as long as they are having fun they will not know what my true intentions are, I have to guild them they are just children. After all I know what is best and I know what is "best" for my children I am their mother, right? wrong. 

I really do not understand how I or anyone ever really gets it in there head that they know what is best for another. How can one person see through the mind or inner being of another? I know that where you are is where you are and that just is. What if we could all step back and remind ourselves that trust=unconditional love. Living a life in which you attract what you want and feel good about the world and if you are not feeling good showing your children that you can come up the scale quickly. Examples are the best thing anyone can offer children. Letting your children know you trust them to do what is best for them and reminding them to allow their inner being to lead them through emotional wellbeing. What feels good feels good what feels bad feels bad. Plain and simple. Trust yourself, trust your children and know that they have it in them to make the best decisions for them. 

Guild through example and love and trust. 
Become Joyous
Find your passion
Snuggle and love them 
Love others 
Find a common interest with them and do it together.
Eat one meal or dessert together a week while discussing if everyones needs are met in a easy going way.
Go on a hike, go swimming, sing and dance, show them its fun to be silly and laugh 
Play a game
Try new things 
Find a group or make one with others who want to live freely and everyone can play the whole day
and . . . 

For the most part be honest and ask them for suggestions they are people too, they can be your long time friends. Let them know that you are learning and even ask them to remind you if are becoming controlling or ???? I have learned and continue to learn more from them then any other person or thing I have done. 

WE all know what we want and need . . .

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