Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MAKING MOVIES & No Complaints & Another Blog

Lately I have been into making movies on my Mac Laptop with IMOVIE and I am having so much fun. I first made a video for a very close friend/mom figure, Dixie and then rat and dog and then I compilled lots of photos of our family over the past 3 years and made a very long 10 min one. You could see these here on this site except that is the on thing I am most challenged over. My goal is to post the movies to Youtube and then put them on my blog. However, the whole putting on my blog is the part I am most having a time with. I really thought I was or am a computer literate person I wonder if it is because I really do not want to learn on my own and perhaps a mentor-goddess friends (hint hint to all those reading this entry) sounds like much more fun and tomorrow is Life Learner day what a quinky dink(my word: meaning cosincidence). So hopefully very soon you may look at my art work in the film industry.

Why have I not blogged for the past 6 days? I love to blog what could stop me? ? ? Do I dare say, I love to be positive and so not feeling so positive I did not want to get on here and complain. So as Abraham-Hicks would say focus on the positive or make it up. I am here for love peace and en Joy ment. The positive things I loved during the past 6 days:
Going to 2 good movies with me: "No Reservations" and "Talk To Me"
Watching Carter and Mitch do what they love "Game Cube" "PS2" 
Swimming and relaxing
Jumping on the tramp with Marc, Salina, Mitch, Carter, Bree
Making a Fabulous Monday dinner: Living Pasta and Mock chinese rice
Eating lots of watermelon
Making movies
Talking to friends 
Noticing Life, flowers and loving myself more.

There I did it and it was not so hard. Actually it was fun and I feel as if I am going up the emotional scale headed for hopefulness!

I almost forgot I am starting another blog especially dedicated to one piece of My Peaceful Pie, Eating Living Fruits and Veggies in a creative way. It is called Raw Piece of P Pie or
http://rawpieceofppie.blogspot.com/. It has recipes and will have raw food prep tips. I spent lots of time up loading recipes I used when I was first raw.

Well it is now midnight and I can barely keep my eyes open since I paused this blog and started blog#2. I love this bloggin stuff I feel like its a great start to my future book and also an insight into my own thoughts, scary. I am soooo excited tomorrow/today is LL day and that means fun for all. 
Good Night

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