Saturday, September 1, 2007

Life Lessons and Dreams

San Diego, Ca Pier off Shelter Island

Over the past week or so I have not been on to blog, one of my favorite past times, other things happening. So I am back and here is an up date of all I have been up to:
Last week end I spent my time at a "dream seminar" called Life Mastery. Crazy if you think of it, I was told in my public education years to "stop dreaming" only to spend money to be able to start dreaming or at least to act on them. Well it was fabulous! I love to dream, I am a dreamer I just have not been acting on my dreams. You know mothering with all of me for the past 19 years. I think because we are trained as action beings, by society, we think that writing dreams down is a must. I don't think it is necessary but I did have fun doing it and creating more vivid dreams in the writing process. My impression is that when I write down my dreams I allow myself to let go of any worry or of thinking of them all the time. One of my favorite dreams is to be a writer, public speaker, reality show host, which is all apart of each other. Now I have a plan of action of when and a how I can accomplish those goals. So soon to be in a book store near you.

A second dream I have is to travel around the US (and Europe) in an RV or trailer/truck. I want to see the world around me from a different view point. So another thing I have been doing is spending hours reading about others that are unschooling RVers and looking for the perfect RV to fit our family. Lots and lots of time on looking. Blake is not sold on the idea 100% so I have to collect the information for the both of us to make a conscious decision. 

Writing, Dreaming, RV looking, Dreaming and very little sleep in between. I am so glad I unschool or else how would I ever find the time for my dreams while the kids are creating theirs. Well what a life I have I love creating and allowing. 


OrganicSister said...

Dream On!!!! (And I mean that in a positive sense lol)

Annette said...

Dream a little dream..or a really really big one and Go for it, live can do anything. Imagine what you would do if you knew you couldn't fail. And isn't 'fail' just another word for a lesson? Learn, adjust, adapt and move on. You can do anything!
Love ya!

Caroline said...

There is no better example for your kids than to see theor mom following her own dreams. How exciting!

Christine said...

Come by and see me, when that dream comes true. We'll go on a fossil hunt!