Monday, August 20, 2007

My Life in Slow Mode and Gaining More Lessons from my kids

I have been been very relaxed and moving in very slow mode the past few days "catch up time":
Friday Night Bree and I rented High School Musical 1, she wanted me to see the first before the 2nd one started at 8pm. So we invited friends (they refused to see that "crap") and so we choose to spend the night just her and I doing High School Marathon alone. Now at first I did NOT want to see or hear any thing remotely musical (lovey dovey etc) but as Bree's mother I wanted Bree to have fun. I made her veggie dip, bought her special potato chip and opened up chocolate covered pretzels. We started at 6 pm and continued up til 10 pm. Now please keep this under wraps but I did enjoy the movies. Yes, I was very entertained and the company was in was perfect. Mitchel even watched even though he said he did not want to watch. Carter played video games and we watched HS Musicals. The night was perfect!
Saturday I spent the morning at Ceilja's home (Parenting expert) talking about raw foods and then we made a beautiful salad together and had a wonderful lunch and conversation for many hours. I love my fav food and conversation and FRIENDS. 
Sunday: We enjoyed a very family day. Mitchel bought himself a new Pokemon game that he does not like and so he decided to sell it on He decided to set the price and then told be that if it did not sell today (Sunday) then he would reduce the price for 3 days but that he was not going any lower than 16 dollars. What a hard bargainer! Later that night around 10:30 pm Mitch, Carter, Bree and I got into the hot tub for a great conversation=
Now I do not understand why my ex (Bree's dad) keeps up with his lack of trust about Bree's learning. I home schooled our kids when he and I were married but since we divorced it all the sudden is not a good idea any more. So he is on Bree all the time (he and I have been into fights lots of times over it) to get her to go to school and read more and brib her to read, offering money for a read book. This time my ex went to Blake (current husband) and wanted to know how to approach me about sending Bree to Montessori school that his Aunt and Uncle would pay for. Of course I said "No" but I felt like it was up to Bree to be the real decision maker since it would be her going to school. So in the hot tub I asked her if she knew about the school thing and she said "why is he always trying to get me to go to school. I have decided that he is just not going to listen to me no matter what. I have cried to him many times and told him that he makes me feel dumb. If I dont go to school then I wont be smart. I tell him I am learning everything I need to know in the world from real life!" Mitchel said "Bree, old people just dont understand us kids. My dad wants me to read too and I just ignore him I'll read when I want and now I just love to play video games, watch TV, eat, swim, and jump on the trap" He thought for a moment and then added "Mom you are one of the old people that understands us kids but most of you old people dont."
Carter just said "yea!"
I sat their in silence (I know what your thinking, hard to believe D was quite) and realized again how strong my kids are and that they know and believe in themselves. I was amazement and felt great that they could say these things in front of me and knew that YES I do get kids because even though Mitch sees me in an "old" person I feel very young and I am still learning and I know I am smart too!
Monday: I woke up from a funny/great dream at 6:30am, believe it or not, and then went on a bike ride with B. My silence did not last long enough because I did not think it would be not ok to tell B about the hot tub conversation. He was very made at me??? Oh well so I just allowed him to hang with  the kids and I left for the day.  Really did I say it, No and if he does not like how the kids see him then he needs to look at himself and leave me out.
Off the subject many moments in the day I would love to be free of a husband and then there is fewer moments I want him still. I better ask for more wonderful moments and work on my beliefs. More mirrors right?????
Now as I say Good Night Mitch and Carter are play some hero role play and wanting to beat the Midnight hour of staying up. How sucky for me and them would it be if they started school tomorrow instead of already learning, growing, expanding, and gaining wonderful memories everyday even at Midnight.
Happy Not-Back-to-Prison(oh sorry) School-day!
I am FREEEEEE and so are all the people I live with what a fabulous life I have!!!!


Caroline said...

When Mich was in the talking about adults in the hot tub he reminded me of a poem by Shell Silverstein.

The Little Boy And The Little Old Man

Said the little boy, "Sometimes I drop my spoon."
Said the little old man,"I do that too."
The little boy whispered,"I wet my pants."
"I do that too." laughed the little old man.
Said the little boy, "I often cry."
The little old man nodded, "So do I."
"But worst of all," said the boy, "it seems grown-ups don't pay attention to me."
And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand.
"I know what you mean," said the little old man.

Don't worry Darlene, we will NEVER be those "grown-ups".

p.s. I'm glad the movie wasn't "crap". LOL

OrganicSister said...

What a good post! I especially loved the "old people" comments! haha Your kids are so strong and confident and one day the nay-sayers will see what they don't see now.

PS Z convinced me to watch Pokemon the other day! haha And I didn't hate it either!