Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rampage: Well Being vs Reading

Ok so I am an emotionally driven person. So I would like the world to take a chill and let up on children about READING. Yes, I agree that to an extent, it is important yet words are all around and when they are ready they will read, damn it!!

A meal for reading, donuts for reading, stickers and tokens for reading, shirts and prizes for reading. What is so damn important about reading that our society deems it as the single most important skill a child would NEED to possess. No wonder we have so many unhappy adults in the world that yes know how to read. What ever happened to plain jane always wonderful always feel good just being well and HAPPY!?!

In the past 12 years I have read the most amount of books I have ever read and enJOYed them. I read them for knowledge and just recently I read for fun. But during my younger years books were NOT for me. I felt pressure to read what they (teachers) told me to read instead of allow me to read what I may find interesting. Maybe I did not read cause I was not ready or care to. Maybe I was an artist and painting or photography was my thing. Maybe numbers were my thing and reading did not feel as important. Maybe I just wanted to sit and meditate for 10-20 years and reading was not needed.

I believe that with words in all things and with my enJOYment of laying in bed snuggling next to two little men (and the siblings that proceeded them) with books, a smile and happiness of well being that they (Mitch and Carter) will learn to read naturally how ever that looks or feels to them individually. I trust in their process as I do in myself. Even if all they keep from their experience with mom nightly is their personal sense of Well Being and Happiness I will sleep peacefully at night no worries. 
Moms, dads society take a Big chill pill and trust in these little beings they know more and are here for contrast and pure positive self enJoyment and well being. Focus on your well being and sense of self and love and allow the children that choose to come into this world space and trust. They know what they came here for and know what is best for their journey. Reading is but a simple small skill in the whole picture and life means more in thoughts, actions and space then reading could tell!


Annette said...

Amen Sista! Well said. This has frustrated me for years. I hate the whole s/he "should" be reading (or reading 'better') by now. yeah, well go "should" somewhere else and leave my perfect children alone!
Love ya. A xx

PeacefulGoddess said...

Love ya TOOO

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