Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Life Learning, My Window, Kids Life Learning, Their Window

I created this blog to share my unschooling/life learning experiences and thoughts and though I am a mother of 5 unschooling children their experiences are theirs and I am a key player in their game of life and not their "teacher" or "ruler". I can only know what they share with me and even that is through my perspective. So I came to the conclusion today that I will not discect their learning, growing, or thinking, only mine. 
I do not think it is my right to sit down and write what and how Carter is learning how are his reading skills, math skills, etc developing from playing his video game? I trust that what ever Carter is gaining from his world through his thoughts is what he needs to be what ever he chooses. I know that I have a passion for growth as a human/woman and he sees this everyday within me. If I inspire him on any level than thats great if he chooses to go off in another direction I am comfortable with that choice also. I am completely confident that all 5 of my children are gaining experiences through life. Living their constrast (good or bad)  is perfect and I am here to support them while supporting myself along the way. 
I may not agree with their choices and at the same time I want to allow them to choose, as long as it is not physically dangerous, of course. I think the hard part of my parenting has come as my children have gotten older and really start to gain an understanding of their true power and selfness. Coming from me, a former control attict, this is a bit challenging for myself and yet I look upon it with a smile knowing that this is what they came for . . . Pure Freedom to live their lives choosing what works for them and what does not. 
I love being me and I love the choice I made to become a mother and allow them to live in a world of their choosing. Knowing all along the way that they will grow and be who they are and I get to love them and watch while living my own life all along the way!

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Annette said...

This is beautiful. I like the way you think!