Monday, September 10, 2007

8 Fact Things about Meme
Oh, I've been tagged for a Meme by Tara at Not that anyone does not know just about my whole life story already. I am an open book.

The Rules:

~ Post these rules before you give your facts
~ List 8 random facts about yourself
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8 Fun Facts of Darlene-Dharmez

1. I have never like my name because it is other peoples name (Darlene, my aunts and Kae, my other aunt) I know a name is really not as big as I make it but I am original and so should my name be so for at least the piss-my-mom-off factor I am changing it to Dharmez (Source-center-within). I made up my name and so the FACT is Dharmez is original to match me.

2. I Love to be naked and even though I don't get to too often (it bothers my 16yr son and girl friend) I wear the least amount of clothes possible which includes no under ware (bras and undies) and bare feet or flip flops or sandals that allow my feet to breath.  FACT is I love to feel the air on my free body!

3. I am a Gypsy and love it. Even before I can tell you I know I was a traveling gypsy and want to live around the world seeing all this planet has to offer. I will be living in an RV/travel trailer as of Feb 1, 2008 and can hardly keep my excitement contained. These gypsy bare feet will get to finally start to travel and that's my FACT.

4. I believe that all women have it in them to birth their children by themselves, self EMPOWERMENT. I did I have email and spoken to a many women who have had their babies either with only their lover or by themselves and we all believe it was one of the best things we could ever do and what power you get to display. It is a FACT that I know that anything I put my mind to I can and will do, there's a will there's a way!

5. FACT I believe that the 3 best theories in life are Law of Attraction, Unschooling and Parent Effectiveness Training and the amazing thought is that all three of these work together to create my perfect life. I love my life more and more and love being a parent more and more since I have truly incorporated an Unschooling life style, PET trainings (not that I am always perfect about it) and taken a more conscious effort in deciding my Law of Attraction. I know that the time space reality that I live in is perfectly wonderful with lots of contrast.

6. I want to be a publish author and a reality show host with stories or people living Bliss and following their passion.  Hopefully an inspiring show to motivate others to follow Joy. FACT  Soon you can look for me on the number 1 book sellers list and cable TV (maybe a new channel "fun and feel good" channel!

7. FACT is I just picked up crocheting after only learning it at the age of 9 (I am now 35yrs) and at that time I had only crocheted a simple heating pad. I love to crochet and want to do it very often. I have made: 3 bags (out of recycled grocery bags), started on a third bag over the past 2 months, and just last week I made 2 ponchos. I think I am pretty good at it, I just bought enough yarn to make blankets for all my children for the holidays. I keep thinking why do I love to crochet? The only thing I can come up with is, I have to be doing something and I can talk or watch TV, take it anywhere and crochet and that feels me up.

8. The FACT that I believe that we are Eternal Being and when we croak (die) we just get to (if we want) come back and experience this time space reality again as a more expanded being gives me peace. I know that my only "job" is to experience BLISS and all the contrast I experience along the way is to help me decide what I want from what I don't want. 

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Lots fun and enjoy you!


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