Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm a Drop Out and that Feels so Good!

I wrote earlier about my writers block and now at 5:30 am I can not stop my brain from thinking and here I am writing. The key is no sleep? Oh well here I am at this moment and all is perfect so I am writing away. . . . 

In my sleeplessness I fancied over to another unschooling mother blog ( and she gave me some more inspiration and insight about myself. Throughout most of my PS (public school) years I spent as much time as possible at home missing as many days as possible. I thought school to be boring, uninteresting and pointless. So by the time I reached 7 grade and went from one classroom to 7 I was pretty much done with school and only went for the social aspect of my hobby at the time BOYS. I did love all the before school and after school stuff like smoking cigarettes, marijuana, drinking, having really bad sex (I wish they would teach how to be a great sexual partner  in some school LOL) etc. It was definitely a great learning and social environment that I continued until the age the 16 when I realized that with the new freedom and combination of job, driver licence and car I no longer needed PS. So I became like many of the great thinkers of our time a PS drop out and with a newly found sense of self awareness and trust that I have come to Cherish. 

Now many of what I like to call the unstreamer's (people who live life paddling up stream against the current) may view not getting the complete disciplined education that PS has to offer is totally outrageously insane but I like to say that I broke free of the chains of PS and allowed myself to think beyond the cement box. 

So now I lay here in bed as the sun peeps over the mountains with a new fond memory of a very young me telling my mom I am going to be so great I will change the world! Such an amazing and insightful child who was not appreciated by those around me at the time. Oh well there's that contrast again and NOW I have friends that so do appreciate me and love me for all the creative thinking and views I bring into their world. I love me and I know I have already changed the world we all do just our presence changes the pattern and turn in space and expands the universe beyond our conscious comprehension. I have hopes and dreams that I continue to change and evolve with time and gain more of a complete knowing that everything I want is given. I did drop out of an environment that I never felt served or interested me. I allowed me to be true to myself and what I felt inside of me that knowing that no one can touch or out do. A source we all have within self and a source that will guide us always. Listen within a you can always stay true to yourself and follow yours feel good feelings. If it feels good then it is right for you. 


OrganicSister said...

WooHoo for high school drop outs! We beat the system at its own game!!

OrganicSister said...

You've been tagged!

Have fun!

~ Tara