Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Book writing questions and thoughts????

I have been working on my first non-fiction book over the past 4 days. My idea is that I could have a ruff draft by Sept 30, 2007 and I am still shooting for that date. I currently face myself with the question of what the books subject is. I believe that I am a fruit-looping, interesting, adventurous person that has done so much in her 35 years of life that I have so much to inspire and share with the world. I have lived a very different life from the main upstream lifers and I want to tell an amazing story filled with inspiring information to contribute to the mass. So my idea's are: #1 Self-taking time for self gaining self, not losing self,self etc, #2 Attachment Parenting or "flow down stream" parenting-unassisted birthing, child lead weaning, co-sleeping, unschooling, etc., #3 goddess-women stuff (which would probably tie in with self and all that has to offer, #4 using inspiring quotes to be the subject and going from there. Does any of this make any sense or is most of it just a picture in my head and I need to gain some more skills to get it onto paper (computer)???

So far my ideas of titles "21st Century Hip-me or hippy or hippee or flower child" "Down Stream Parenting" "Life to Live With" "Everything has Perfect Perception" "Life, Liberty and Blissfulness=Pursuing your dreams" oooh what the heck I have a whole book series in my head one minute only for it to exit when I sit down to write. I need to get it out onto paper. Have any advise?? My friend Victoria (who has written 6 books) told me to ask questions and then answer them and the answers turn into a chapter. Ok ask and it is given, right?? 

Should this not just flow out of me if it is something I really want to do? Maybe it is just the first book that's the most challenging.?. 


Annette said...

Maybe you could work on several separate books with the different themes. They could overlap a little, inviting the reading to purchase your other books.

You are very inspiring!

love, A

PeacefulGoddess said...

Thanks Annette, I love your help!

OrganicSister said...

I don't thin it always naturally flows out onto paper. thinking it, speaking it, living it are all so different then writing it. what i do is start with a skeleton then go back and rewrite it and fill in details. or record yourself talking like I mentioned. I'll try to remember that talk/type thing tomorrow! Oh tomorrow! We need to figure that out huh?

PeacefulGoddess said...

Thanks Tara I would like the book to flow rather than do it because I have a dead line to myself. I will work on the skeleton idea and think about it from there. I know that I am very auditory so I think talking into something would work better. Also I will take my recorder on my walks when I am alone I tend to think clearer without all the motherly stuff that comes up.