Monday, July 23, 2007

Watching 60 years of Beauty!

Saturday night I hosted a surprise party for my dear soul mother, friend, and goddess of 60 years, Dixie. She is one of the most amazing women I have had the privilege of knowing. She set new standards for the look at 60 both inside and out. She birthed 7 children of her own children (long term nursing each one until at least the age of 5 and beyond)and has helped hundreds more as she is a midwife. She has a soft demeanor and yet she is powerful in her mind and spirit. She cares for others and her self for she loves unconditionally. I am constantly inspired and delighted by just the way she speaks and gives advice carefully. I think she is a star: 
I love her so very much and I am so grateful to her for all the love she has given me the past 8 years!

Now at 1:30am on Monday morning I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and yet I feel totally happy typing away and thinking of how much I love life and how blessed I feel that I have manifested amazing children/friends and friend/goddess/sisters. I just spent the past 3 days loving and laughing with my friends and family. My heart is so full of love now! I get to rest my head now and wake up to a fun relaxing day of gaming, swimming and hopefully more laughing. 

Just when life seems so wonderful is just gets better.

Sweet Dreams to all,

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Caroline said...

mmmmm reading that felt like a warm hug. I'm so glad that you are happy.