Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Laughing Goddess on Tuesday

I woke this morning at 8:30 am to the sound of Rachel, a Goddess sister, swimming laps in my pool. I felt so excited (a child excitement) as I combed my hair and ran downstairs to join her. We tired soon (or just wanted to talk more than work out) and retired to the hot tub. We talked of our childhood and why this and why that and laughed and relaxed. Next we ate watermelon under the clouding sky. As we laughed some more I just thought to myself how much I really en JOY my time with her and being grateful for her and the friendship and connection we have! Soon she had things to do and I so did I (lazily I might add) by noon she and her children left to continue with their life learning day and I sat down to the computer and read emails and blogs (my new passion). Soon I came to Rachel's blog: freetoliveandlearn.blogspot.com and more laughs(rolling laughs) and even some tears came on and I was even more in love with this goddess sister, Rachel! She reminds me of all the craziness I have seen in the past with myself running around my house getting the kids to do what I think HAS to be done in that moment: grabbing hold of the oars and getting into a boat and rowing up stream. All this inspires me to think more about my parenting and my life in general and I love it all! 

Thought: I find the world we live in so backwards, please somebody wake me up (but not too early, I am nocturnal LOL) when people remember who they are and were born to BE- individuals with a mind all there own. No need for parents, teachers, bosses, spouses, everyone, to tell another what and where to do IT (what ever IT is)!
 Just simply trust that all will be safe and well. 
WE are all individually connected Spirits having a Human experience!!!
(Laugh, Live, Love Completely, is life really that serious you cannot SMILE?)

Relax and KNOW and TRUST that: 
Kids Know
Kids Learn all they will ever NEED to know
Kids are creative
Kids are intelligent
Kids are smart
Kids are Safe
Kids have passion
Kids forgive
Kids are Joyful Beings
Kids can think for themselves
Kids could take care of themselves very early if need be (think about that one)
Kids. . . . (fill in your blank)
I learn more from my children and those around me then any 17 years of schooling ever did for me.

I love Rachel,
Thank you for a great Tuesday,


Quinn said...

I love Darlene! Thank you for a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

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