Monday, July 30, 2007

Language of LOVE

Rachel, Caroline, and Me 
We are soul sisters and we know the language!

"Can you understand the Words tha' are comin' out of my mouth?"

Language  of Love

There is a language that is English in nature and the words may sound very familiar to you and yet many many people can not understand the language. I will attempt to explain myself in the most complete and simple fashion as possible. 
First the language as best I can describe: 
Life Learning and Life Allowing Ourselves and Others to Live and Flow Down Stream, our own stream, with our passion and joy with a mix of contrast to give us clarity to know what direction to take. 

Lets start with myself for example, I was born as a free thinker (like all children) and yet unlike many children I would not conform and continued doing things in a way that my parents thought was wrong, different, bothersome, and just plain made their lives miserable. I never thought I was any of these things I just thought I was doing things the way I felt good about the situation. I did not understand the concept of school and not being able to ask questions or be with my mother or why could I only play at a certain time or why I could only have chocolate milk on Fridays, or etc.. I never thought the world, I was in, made any sense as if I was being asked to walk backwards, like it and STOP asking questions or doing those things that were so "bugging" others (especially my parents). I grew up feeling very bad about myself, yet from a broader perspective NOW I understand that that was all just a lot of contrast into who I am today and how I am and what I want to be as a person and as a parent. 

Now in this current moment as I think about my needs, wants, and passions, I first and foremost want to be allowed to be who I am without judgement or restriction. You and I are different and I love that about us. I choose to accept you where you are at any moment and I would just love the same. Now that I am an adult I think that I get this respect most of the time and when I don't I just turn around and allow that person to be and give them space to do it in. Now do children get this same consideration? I finally asked myself this question one day in my adult world After I had 5 children. I realized that rarely did I or anyone I knew treated their children like people but more of helpless beings incapable of making their own decisions or creating their own lives. 

WOW another moment in time when I started to discover the new Language of Love. Unconditional true Love the kind babies are born with and dogs most always have forever. With my new discovery at hand I started to discover all kinds of new and amazing "words" and lights starting going off in my mind. I took a look at my life, my parenting and the friends that I had. I looked so close at myself and the way I treated others especially my children and found that the way I told them what to do and not do would never work for me. I was forcing, bribing,  and just plain being rude. I never really thought about what I was doing I was just doing many of the things that were done to me and unconsciously parenting. 

Now this was NOT an easy conclusion to come to, considering that I wanted to look at myself so closely and then change the way I was doing just about everything. I was Learning a new language or maybe this was a language I once knew as a very young person and was only now becoming conscious of this Language. I began to allow my children to be who they were and are and do what their hearts lead them to do. I was aware and awakening and then the most amazing thing happened, allowing my children to BE also awakened the children within me. I started to allow myself to feel and to acceptance and love me. 

 I have discovered that the children that came through my body are my partners and kindred spirits in an environment built to find each one of our own individual joy and passions. I get to respect that my window of perspective is different than anyone and that is perfect. I have found friends that have become the sister's and brother's I have always wanted. I am still exploring all of the possibilities of what my passion is and feeling younger all along the way. I have gained a thirst for living and I do things because I want to and not because I have to and no longer is fear or guilt my guild. I understand that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and I am here to experience contract to gain joy, love and passion in my life. 
I continue daily to grow into the parent and person I want to see when I look in the mirror. Once in a while I still get into a bad space and screw up but I know how to get myself out and climb up that ladder to hopefulness, knowing, and JOY. 

I invite and inspire you, fellow free bird, to STOP get out the mirror and look closely at yourself and ask yourself "how do I treat myself and the world I have created so far?" "Am I caged within my mind and unconsciously living?" Give yourself the best gift of all and let go, step out of your box, and pull out the map of joy and passions and start plotting. All the life you always wanted is awaiting you release yourself and the judgements, the have to's, the F E A R and LIVE the ART of ALLOWING Yourself and Others to be all that your hearts care for. It is safe for you to let go or the oars and live the life of your joys and passions the stream will take you there.  


OrganicSister said...

You said you were going to write about language and you did a great job! It is certainly hard to learn this new language but I'm seeing the benefits more and more!

Caroline said...

Questioning my life choices and the path I was on has done nothing but good in my life. Looking at where can I improve, because I can always improve with age has been an amazing journey. Not always blissful, sometimes very painful but always worth every moment. How does that song go?? "He's still working on me...."

Darlene Navarre said...

Oh yes I am still workin on ME
A Journey