Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life Gives Words Meaning

Words are just words LIFE gives them meaning. 

Can you read these words? 
Did you learn how to sound them out?
Can you spell them?
If not you could go to school and learn to read and spell them. I am sure that school could help you put them in sentences and eventually you may get to write an essay or 2 on the definition of them. 
Yet what is the MEANING? 

Mitchel is 7 and he tells me that he is not interested in reading nor does he care RIGHT NOW if he does read. He does not have the NEED to read, nothing in his life would require him to read and so why does he need to read? To many people in our world he is behind, to him and I he is in control of his wants and desires and HIS learning. Does he understand these words and there meanings? He is smart, he understands passion and frequently challenges others to follow their passion (including his dad). He has challenged himself in many of his passions in his 7 years, currently Pokemon on his DS is the flavor of the time. He displays laughter, joy and all the while inspiring others by just Being. He loves eating raw, living fruits and veggies and eats 2 LARGE salads a day, 3 Large smoothies and grapes abundantly. In fact he has been making his own salads and smoothies since the age of 4 years. He wants to own his own smoothie stand on the beach were avocados (his favorite food) grow year round. He wrote his name before the age age of 3 and somehow along his path he "learned" math or loves numbers so much that he knows how to add, subtract, and multiply and I do not know when, where or how he "learned" to do them. I see the Ordinary Miracles in him daily for he just knows what he wants and knows how to manifest it (he knows the "Secret"). I was talking of school one day and even though he has never gone or been apart of that experience he let me know that he does not need school, nor will he ever go for he already understands how to learn and does it everyday. Dream, from my perspective, his whole life is a dream, he chooses his life his experience and his path dreaming happens day and night. 

Unschooling or LIFE LEARNING is our whole family life we all get the chance to be who we are and live a life most would never think was reality or possible. We are gaining meaning through life-loving life-living life front and center as we want, when we want. 

I once asked myself what my life meant to me and I did not know, not ever. Now I love my life I love the chance that I have to love myself and grow and learn and be who I am. I am still growing up, finding my passion and joy and I hope to keep doing so for the next 100 years. I know that everyone has a chance to find their own meaning to life, to words once simply on a chalk board can have true, real meaning. After all how can you find meaning in words if living is controlled and structured, moderately with bits and pieces of information given only at the "right" time were play time is scheduled and one is not allowed to be spontaneous??

I inspire you to find your meaning of life and Live everyday one passion at a time!!

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OrganicSister said...

Darlene, this is a beautiful post. Inspiring, honest and insightful. Thank you.