Saturday, July 21, 2007

Soulful Connection and My Goddess Sisters

I just laid down after a night with some amazing women who I so love spending time with. We met tonight to celebrate Caroline's birthday and yet I feel like my own cup is so full a present I gave to myself just spending time with them. 

I always remember having friends from the time I was little yet I felt like something was missing, a true soulful connection. Is it I that has changed or maybe just my idea and thoughts of what kind of friendship I want and desire. These fellow goddess's are more like my soul sisters that I am continuously inspired and delighted by. We laugh, cry, and talk, we support one another and encourage each other to always get what you personally want. We understand one another on a level that I can not explain. All driven together because of our children now being together because we want to be together and enjoy just being with one another. 

I ask myself why cant all relationships be like these that I have with my goddess's sisters? I am who I am and they are who they are no one tries to be someone they are not and we just love love love and enjoy the whole truth of each others self. I love them as they are family to me a part of a tribe I so long for. Our times together are simple and soft and nothing any one looking in would think was all that special, yet to me they are like escapes into a world where only we exist. Like fairy (and this coming from someone that does not like cutesy stuff) in a forest our connections are so magical. 

I know we live in this world that is moving so fast that to connect with another human is scary to many and as much as I do love technology I long for a tribal community with people like these women. I wonder how more amazing life could be if people would connect with each other on a soulful level stop with the worry of this fleshy bloody world and connect with one another spiritually and soulfully and see the truth and still love unconditionally. My intentions are that I appreciate everyone of my soul sisters and I want them to know how much they are loved by me. My heart, mind and body are full now and as I go to sleep I send all my love and thanks. I inspire any one to stop look around and find a someone to connect to and love.

For now I am complete,


Caroline said...

Yes, my cup is full too. This was so good to read. I love the Goddess that you are Darleen.


OrganicSister said...

I felt so great after getting home last night as well. It's been so wonderful and comfortable getting to know all of you, talking and sharing. I'm so glad to have found LVLL!