Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Beginning or rather the Continue

So this is the beginning of The Whole Peaceful Pie 
I decided that not only can a talk like no other I also have more words then I get time to say plus I have questions for the world that I just dont get. 
The Whole Peaceful Pie is more about the picture of a life I see for myself. It involves peaceful PET parenting, unschooling myself and my children (Danyell 18, Marc 16, Breeana 11yr, Mitchel 7yr, Carter 5yr), eating the whole foods way(uncooked fruits and veggies only), vegan ism, common sense consumerism(making my own veggie fuel instead of buying fuel) supporter of alternative products to help the universe,  finding MY Darlene JOY and being a partner to Blake 47yr. Even though I am only 35yr I feel like I am 19 years young body and spirt with a mind of someone much older and wiser. I live by common sense and I think even quantum physics makes sense to me. I love spiritual awareness Abraham-Hicks is my guide and I just began to meditate this past month. I am not religious or a christian but I believe in the god/goddess or source within myself and the power I have to manifest everything I choose to align with. Since I have been a mother for over 19 years my passion and commitment to my children is what I have taken to the max. I was not a good student because school was boring to me. I was a very great at causing chaos and craziness for my mom and dad.

 So I spared my parents the pain and at the young age of 15 yrs I decided that living on my own and getting out of public education was best for me. I went on the becoming a party girl and living like I was from the late 60's going from party house to party house hanging out with people twice my age. At 16 I was pregnant and that was something I never thought I wanted. I cleaned up my act took to mothering and against my better judgement got married. The great thing from that married was my second child and then I got the ____ out. I sure have done some not so smart things cause I ran out and married husband #2 and again I had another sweet baby. My addition was definitely men cause not but a couple of months later I was living with soon to be husband #3, who I am still currently married to, and added 2 more children to the family.  I do love my husband Blake, I just think that being a powerful person as I am I have a hard time being married because when I feel that another person wants any control over me I flip out. I love to be free. I am like an animal that can never be caged and for whatever that is worth to me I just need my space to just be. 

I suppose this is a lot of ranting of who Darlene is or what I am about I hope this brings you up to date with me. I love who I am I am totally in love with myself and because of this I want to share me I love my children as soul partners and love them to be who they are. I love my partner Blake who I hope one day we are like silly soul mates and lovers connecting. I love my goddess women friends who are like my mothers and sisters that I feel see me for who I am and love being apart of inspiring me and letting me talk talk talk. I love my family for bringing me into this world, although we are more like strangers I hope they are happy and well. I love being a LV LIFE LEARNER. I love being an eternal being and love living this life of contrast, I get to do it all again again again . . . . !

I invite anyone to come play with me and my crazy fun self read into my world of thoughts and belief, you may be in for a ride. I hope only to inspire or challenge you to think out side the box!

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at CHANGE!!!
Wayne Dyer

Love you all,

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Caroline said...

What a great begining I can't wait to read more. Grrrr baby, very Grrrrrr.