Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Monday in the Life of a Life Learner

Quinn, Breeana, And Gino with amazing Animal Crossing on the DS.

Zeb, Keegan, Mitchel, and Carter, DS and Pokemon its a kid thing
Mitchel and Roman and Pokemon on the DS, very deep stuff.
Sidney in her boxing cat pose made especially by her with black plastic bag.

Monday's Life Learning
Allowing our kids to play and do what they love while enjoying a great day: playing their game systems while in the museum, talking too loud while in the museum (getting in trouble by staff), run around the museum (while getting in trouble with the museum staff), walk up the side of the stairs (not on the stairs-not getting caught), sleep over, swim, stay up until ?? (it is now 12:14 am and all are up except dad), all while I am doing what I love- blogging. 
I love my Mondayz with Dany, Amy, Trisha, Roman, Gino, Gabriel, Rachel, Keegan, Quinn, Caroline, Jordan, Sidney, Tara, Zeb, Blake, Breeana, Mitchel, Carter, and new Life Learn we hope to know more!!! Want to Play? We are always looking for lovers of life and children taking you with open arms at Las Vegas Life Learner!


Caroline said...

LOL sooo much fun!!! I am still laughing at the fact that Jordy was singled out for the running. She said that the lady threatened to call some to have her removed. Jordy!!??!! LOL And Jordy's reaction was classic....just shock and a simple "ok".

Darlene Navarre said...

I am laughing right now, inspire her to stop protecting others, people and their rules are such party killers.