Friday, June 27, 2008

Creation in the Process

So in continuum to my last blog I sat down with one of my goddess sister's , Petra, and she inspired me to do something for myself (family) that I could do all the time, never get tired, and (for my requirement) my children could participate. See I have been feeling bored due to my own lack of being creative. Also I want to inspire my children in a real life setting to learn math, reading, writing, with purpose not just because. 
I also have wanted to start a restaurant ever since I was cooking food/waiting in restaurants years ago. So I thought I love preparing food, raw food, being around people (especially conscious aware people whom many times tend to eat either raw, organic or vegetarian foods), and being with my children. Food cooking- preparing is and has been a long life love of mine and my children and others love eating my raw food or vegan creations. I know all the yada with the down falls of owning a restaurant. I am focusing on the family business, ownership, fun and unity of a loving food community restaurant. 
I will also incorporating my "leaver" values of green living in anyway possible, hopefully we can put solar panels on the roof, low VOC paints, low lighting and organic or local farmers when ever possible. I will also be providing others food that in prepared in a positive loving creative setting full of conscious artistic efforts. Delicious simple creations complete with nutrition and care will be served. I have inspired my children so much Mitchel said "I will bring out the food for the people" Carter "I want to clear off the table" Bree "I could get my own cell phone with the money I earn" and Danyell will co-mange the restaurant and get to bring her baby packed on her back. Eventually Blake can quit his job that takes him so far away and be more present with us.
I believe an idea in which there is a win win in heart will bring forth greatness and prosperity! Our family wins, our friends and guests of our establishment win and the environment wins. In my heart I feel this creation aligns with my well being! I invite one and all to IN-JOY and experience the well beingness of the tasty nibbles in life and create an environment lovingly served with your heart and soul in mind!
Come In-Joy where you are always welcome!

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Annette said...

Please reserve a table for me! You are such an amazing woman, you can make anything happen!
love, love, love,