Saturday, June 7, 2008

Educators Via Teachers and just 4 Laughs

I love gross humor and people who know how to redirect and inspire others in a peaceful manner. The story below has both.

This story is of a principle and some teen aged girls in school and although I am not an industrial eduction supporter I loved the way this principle redirected or rather inspired this group of girls to stop the unwanted behavior of lipstick on the bathroom mirror. Only for example purposes only, not that I see anything wrong with lipstick and mirrors.

Beware I was only told this story so I am paraphrasing:
After countless times of courteous requests by the school principle a group of girls kept on insisting on kissing the bathroom mirror as they left the building. The principle decided that a demonstration in front of the entire class of young girls (so not to single out anyone in particular) might do the trick. After everyone congregated in the bathroom the principle proceed to dip a rag into the toilet and swish it around and clean the toilet. Then he took the same rage and started wiping off the bath mirror (former place of lipstick). Needless to say there was never any lipstick on the bathroom mirrors. LOL

Take life with humor it is Bliss!!

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