Friday, June 6, 2008

Create Your Universe on Purpose

I feel an overwhelming gratitude for the connections I have created in my universe. For my friends and family and the family/friends who I refer to as the family I created on the planet NOW. 
As I was driving by a gas station yesterday and looked over to see the current price of a gallon of fuel I believe my heart skipped a beat when I saw fuel starting at $4.01 a gallon. I consciously began to feel a sense of gratefulness towards to people in charge of this fuel process. 
Now you are probably thinking I am crazy. You are right and I have a belief that we are all connected! We are part of the whole that makes up all this time space reality. I feel there is a focus going on in our world of fear over the fuel prices, over war in oil countries, and all associated with this subject. I have too been there myself and done just that and NOW I am and have changed my perspective to one of thankfulness -GRATITUDE! 
I think change happens so perfectly when the contrast is so strong, like fuel prices raising at such a rapid rate! Desire coming when there is pain, perhaps in your pocket book, if one is not careful desire out of pain or helplessness will only creates more pain and helplessness and more raising fuel prices. Desire when there is simply a contrast of what is not wanted is there to create positive emotion of wanting in a perspective of creativity, as in an alternative to fossil fuel and clean energy. 
As a culture we have been using fossil fuels to power many of our daily pleasures for about 100 years now. Now is the time for change! I feel the change is coming! I feel the energy in the wave of creative minds going to work quickly (because of the contrast of rising fuel costs and the environmental attentions) to create something so amazing we may all rise to the feeling of possibly POWERFULNESS.
We all  feel contrast within our being and consciously we can choose to be grateful. Grateful that we have the beautiful or not so beautiful contrast and KNOW that all it well and perfect. We are here on this wonderful time space reality to experience all the contrast provided to us perfectly and in all the right timing. As you read this my wish goes out to you to gain awareness and KNOW that there IS perfection in all contrast and only by striving for consciousness will we see it. 
I would love to see us join each other in a conscious effort through our thought, words and actions and feel at least hopeful that there is a wonderful solution to all the not so beautiful contrast that we are experiencing around us. 
Join the conscious movement as be! We are walking through a bed a roses can you smell, see, feel, and taste the beauty that you wish to create in the NOW (not the thorns that we may step on along the way)?

With Bliss,

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