Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Role in the Life of Young Men

Mitchel and Carter became uncles at the age of almost 8 and 6. At first Carter the "baby" of the family did not take well to his new role. Honestly I was a bit surprises to see Mitchel display such love and affection towards his new nephew, his display of the tough-guy just melted away the moment he held his new friend. I was not sure how Carter would react being that Danyell (Jake's mom and Carter's sister) has played a role to Carter as second mommy for most of his young life. For the past 3 and 1/2 months of Jake's life Carter refused to be uncle Carter and act knowledge him as no more than a pest. 
2 weeks ago while we were all over at Danyell's house Carter started to take to Jake. I just kept telling my daughter Danyell who was a little uneasy about Carter's behavior towards Jake to just "give Carter his space and he will come around." Carter did come around in his own time and now he gets to experience how to be gentle and soft towards his new found buddy and I believe from all the kissing and constant hugs that Carter and Jake are on a loving path. 

I think these are more unschooling experiences of allowing with honor and love. Just like reading, math or in this case compassion once anyone is given the space and opportunity life learning just happens and a child or adult can grow and expand. I think the best gift I can hope to offer these being that choose me to play their mother is love and space to be. I have experienced the importance of what it is to just BE WITH my child not be them or expect them to do or be anything they do not desire for themselves. I would love to inspire other parents to just give children their own space and just be their watching on their side. Watch them grow think and figure out how strong and special each one is.

 As I write this Carter is playing with magnets, what I can see from my point of view is the little figures put together from his hands and imagination, even more there is a glow in his eyes, and the energy of wellness and that all is perfect!

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