Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's up with the fun fam

I am the eternal Goddess
All races are my children
All genders are my children
All creatures are my children
All time is my domain
My body is the earth
Reverence me and mine

Is this a greatness?

Update to my (our) life.

Blake: working, riding motorcycles and once in a while we see a glimse of him.

Danyell, Jake, and Cris: Danyell and Cris decided to make their union official and we married a few weeks ago. Jake is doing marvelous growing up so big, life learning, rolling, grabbing, using his voice (my only wish is that I could see him more). I am happy Danyell is going to be managing the cafe so Jake can stay in with his mommy! I am both sad and happy to be a g-ma (dee dee) sad I only get moments with this beauty and happy I am enjoying the older children I have and have tucked away those nursing baby years in my heart forever. I love this fun family!

Marc: gone, even though I do not know where he is I believe all is perfect. He is finding his path his life. Marc as showed me how children come through you yet they are not yours they are themselves. I love him and he knows he is loved and I trust that all is well with him!

Breeana: being forced (by our **** court system/ex husband) to go to school she has not taken it very well, and towards me she is short and wants little to do with me. As much as I believe in a victimless universe I still lean into the energy of my mother bear wanting to "protect" my cubs. Perhaps she feels let down by me as her mother not being able to keep her out of school and I will just keep on loving as unschooling her as much as I can. I now feel that she is strong and wise and knows what will work for her. She has constrast the unschooling life she so loved for 2 1/2 years and now Montessori (great school as far as schools go). She says as soon as she can she is going back to unschooling forever and so are her future children. She entered "The Red Tent" and the little girl goddess has entered her stage of young goddess women. I bought her sweet treats and organic pads. Her big sister took her shopping (clothes, bras, undies, purse, sun glasses) and gave her a mature look with new hair colour. (pics to come) She went around the house all day saying "I am so beautifull" "I love myself" I thought she looked like a glamorous movie star. As much as I would like to freeze a moment in time like a picture I love to see them grow and change into the creative beings we all are inside.

Mitch: From the day this little god came into my life I felt an old soul. I feel as if Mitch could take care of himself (practacially does) watching tv, eating, and playing video games all the while getting paid for it. He cant wait for The Garden Spot to open. He wants to serve food and get tips to buy more video games, a BIG flat screen tv, Yugioh cards, and a four wheeler. I am so happy he wants to do the cafe along with me. We will however have a special room in the cafe just for our little men (Mitch, Carter, and Jake) to watch tv, play video games, and hang out when they need a get away. I think he and I will always be more like close friends he is so apart of my personality I get that mirror of my best and not so great personality traits, I love him and thank him all the time for this.

Carter: I can hardly believe the last of the beautiful beings that enter this time space reality through my body is 6 now. He is not wanting to do much on his own, from my vantage point I see him struggle the last few months with wanting to conrol others (yelling and becoming so fustrated with those who will not do what he wants) and not wanting to do anything for himself. He is so sweet and he has these amazing eyes that draw me into just doing for him even when I am tired or empty. He is love and peace he is always giving me kisses and loves and tells Blake and I that we are "the best parents in the whole universe". I feel so at peace being around him when he is in his element. I revel in his love.

Me: I am busy busy working on The Garden Spot Cafe and I am having a blast learning growing and unschooling along the way. It feels so great all the way to my soul every time I am talking about it or working on anything to do with it. When ever a doubt comes to my mind it just immediately melts away from all the fire in my heart and soul with this cafe excitement and contentment. I know I am in bliss I feel so wonderful (I know I keep repeating myself). My plans now are to meet with a fellow business owner to fill in the rest of the numbers I need and then on the 11th of April I will meet with the small bus center again they will tell me what to do next. I feel a flow with all of this process. I know their is an investor out there wanting to invest $40,000 in one of the fastest growing industries, wellness/health. I will get to create a master piece of a cafe for all to be apart of and they in return with make a wonderful profit on their investment. I love myself even with those 10 pounds that I know are melting as you read.


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