Friday, August 29, 2008


I came out from love to love! Love limitless, allowing, love of endless promises and the ability to achieve everything and do anything. I am spirit, always have been spirit, will always be spirit. I am all that is good, possible and inspiring. I know everything, everyone, all is right. I believe I can have all. I am apart of all and I am whole, complete and know all is beautiful, wonderful and perfect. YES, Possibilities are forever, all is done and ready. I am present, now is always the time. We are one, creating, moving together in sync with everything, anything, ALL together. 

Look into your eyes, my eyes, see all, Glowing. Listen, hear the music of your soul, our soul, Dance. Feel the energy within, Connect to you to me to all. Taste of life, savor your flavor, Satisfaction. Smell the scent of your bliss, our BlissFULness, follow Bliss! 

E(in)NJOY together-LOVE- all is 
E !!


Annette said...

beautiful! both you and the new look of your blog.
love and hugs,

Six Arrows said...

I just read your blog after a few months. It's lovely and your words are an inspiration.