Thursday, July 31, 2008

When Bliss Flows

I have read many books on the subject of bliss (as if one needs those), I think I read them to remind me of the bliss inside me, and it was not until lately that I am realizing my personal bliss with just me, myself and I. I never realized what the books really meant by "do what you love and the money (personal wellness) will too". I have experienced bliss many times yet I think that others had to be in my world to ignite the bliss. Now with the planning, creativity and care I am putting into THE GARDEN SPOT CAFE I am in my own world full of the true bliss charged by only myself.
Due to all this self actualization in bliss I am experiencing a new realm of confidence and excitement, life is flowing like a river that just keeps getting fuller and faster. I am creating this amazing restaurant full of "loving food to live for", an environment were people may come to relax be served and connect with others. People of all ages and sizes are welcome to read a book, play a game or just enjoy the food. I currently have one dollar to start and open the Garden Spot up and I know and feel the universe is connecting me to the rest of the funds needed. This is a win win for all involved whether you will be a customer, employee or investor all is and will be perfect.
Currently I am creating the business plan, just finished the delicious menu, creating a web site and I think I even found the perfect location. All is flowing so quickly and I am just feel the excitement and fun all along the way!
Life is so grand when you do what you love!

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