Sunday, December 16, 2007

Challenge v Anger, Lets Rise to Creativity

So I am writing here on an observation of highly creative highly emotional energetic people like myself and looking back now realizing why I was in the principals office more than the class room for a many a years. Until recently I thought I must have been a bad kind because there was all this disapproval going on with all the adults. NOW through my observation of my young child self and my son Mitch, who is sooo much an expansion of me, realized that it is only when my son or myself is/was not creatively challenged that is when the frustration, trapped, anger, etc emotions come up for myself and him. I and people with these very creative intellectual minds are not bad they are extremely smart displaying their emotions of any given situation very outwardly. I remember having certain teachers that had a lot of creative extra activities (beyond school regurgitation) and those school years I did spend most of the time in their class and not in the principals office and felt satisfied

Now since Mitch, Bree, and Carter are in life learning school (unschooling) I am constantly inspired to provide challenging games, tools, anything I can think of and providing the things they ask for available to them around the house since this is part of the world learning environment they are apart of. I notice that when Mitchel feels unable to pass a level (for the moment)in his video game he stops playing and during that phase of space in between going back to the game or finding the next challenge he is restless and many times he outwardly displays hitting others and fierce anger towards me. These are only emotions that are not personally against anyone just his displaying of needing the next challenge and yet not knowing how to ask for it. 

I have learned sooo very much about myself through watching Mitchel (my true mirror). When I looked into his soul through the first connection when he was born I realized that he is a mature being he is creative and intelligent and not that all of my children are not he is just so to the front out there in life grabbing life and asking for knowledge and powerful in his being. 
He wears his emotions on his shoulders and can swing from the most loving person to the most almost unbearable to live with. Knowing that I see soooo very much of me in him I rise to the challenge to understand (even though I make retakes (mistakes) so many of the time) him and this inspires more awareness of myself and consciousness comes about naturally through this being. 

Since all of this new found awareness of myself and Mitchel I can see that perhaps peoples negative actions could be in large part do to the lack of creative challenge. How can young people sit in a class room and be asked to memorize this or that when it does not mean anything. There is no challenge no creativity in the process of public or private education? In this system there is no room for movement or questions or growth, when life is all of these and more. How is it that the US nation is so abundant and yet the "education system" is so poor. My opinion and observation is that it is the drop outs, home schoolers, unschoolers, the creative ones that created and still create this country. Especially the children born today and more so into the future they are an expansion us of this time and space more and more these beings will come in demanding more challenges and being more and more creative. I can feel in my soul that the systems of control and separation are on the brink of the fall and in there space with BE a more creative world of oneness with more light and love for all to grow to expand to move. 

I write these words for awareness for change for self conscious healing. Everything I see inside my soul I already know will BE for all thought IS! I know that we are all powerful god-essence beings capable of everything we put our minds to I just hope that those thoughts are for all good.

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