Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am finally back in the saddle

So the past few months I have been in a different phase. Without making this a 12 page blog I will give you the condensed version:
January: moved out of house into a 1980 GMC Midas C Class RV 
Marc, the dog and girlfriend Salina moved out.
February: in court:ex-husband wants Breeana (currently unschooling) in school
And NEW grandbaby is born YEA Jake.
March:New 5th Wheel YEA and Marc moves back in YEA! 
April: Court again and Breeana forced into school (judge does not like me cuz I'm not paying her campaign fund LOL), luckily its Montessori.
May: Moved from Boulder City to Las Vegas again Marc graduation from High School. 
Currently: all is well just as life goes. I miss the totally unschooling life with all 3 of my younger children and I am grateful that Bree is at least in a Montessori school and not in "Industrial Education called Public Schooling". I am standing by while my 17 yr old son is experiencing in bouts of unhappiness (called "depression" and "anxiety")and him wanting to take doctor prescib pills (something I have never believed in or given my children) and allowing it to be his choice. Blake and I are getting along better than we have in 4 years I feel we are on the up side of a really rocky battle and the dust is settling and we realize we are really better at being friends than enemies. I feel hopeful that even though I think I jumped the gun on living in a RV a little too soon I am here were I am. . .  living  . . . . breathing . .  . I AM. 
I miss my blogging I think it is the only time I can write and feel free to say what I want to say. Strange considering anyone can read these thoughts. And there are no secrets we are all connected all apart of one another I love me and I love you if you are reading thanks for the ear!
PS I am back on the blogging train and I am not getting off again (I feel hopeful about this statement)! 


Barb said...

Having fun reading it :)

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