Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where have all the flowers gone and Dharma too? With the watermelons and the sun.

So I went from posting daily to not posting at all what is up with me? Mostly we (our tribe) has one computer and Bree, Mitchel, and Carter are currently exploring the Internet a LOT. Club,,, Toon, etc. They switch each hour in a rotation and somehow I left myself out of the rotation and so I have been computer less due to these young mind playing on line, Oh My. WOW honestly I love to watch them call their friends who on their end are on the same game playing with them. Did I ever mention that one of my favorite things one of the best creations I think has manifested in the universe is the. . . Computer/Internet/Google! 

I personally think that any parent has such an advantage to assist themselves and the young minds around them through this magnificent creation a quote from Mitchel, "Just Google it mom". He is always asking me to get on the computer and lets find out about XYZ or ABC and we Google it and there it is seconds later. I have older children before Internet and between you and I, I felt less of a mother not being able to answer those curious questions of "what is the largest person a live?" or "what is the difference of this and that?" 
I replied with a lot of "I am not sure, would you like to look it up in that big row of encyclopedia's or go to the library miles away both taking lots of time and energy and by the time you find the answer they have moved on? Now you are just a Google sec away from all the info possible on each question which leads to more and more learning (I mean my learning) and happiest for all! I know it is a personal empowerment device that I feel like I can be smarter by the Google. "I feel Good and Google"

Now for some thoughts into my thinking. . . 
1. Income Taxes and the IRS (long story I dont want to mention)
I would love to see a change in the system taxation with representation!
Thats all the kindness I have to say to that.

2. Gypsy Hippy Goddess- Dharma
So my new name as of 2008 and beyond will be Dharma. After some thought and research I feel that this is the name I was whispering into my mothers ear before birth and she was not listening to me (nothing new). 
See my birth name is Darlene Kae Carter, now Darlene is also my (father's sister) aunts name and Kae is my other aunt's (mother's sister) name. Where is their originality for a child that was not suppose to be (some infertile part on my dad) that came forcefully through the universe to bring joy and pain into their lives. This name has troubled me for quite some time and yet I have not expressed it until now, I am Dharma hear my songs! Dharma feels fun and free. Dharma fits the side of my person that is radically creative and moving with joy. Dharma is the traveler with a hippy "love all" spirit and paving the roads with a creative easy going mind. Thank you for your support in this transition or maybe I am just crazy, no maybe and crazy is what crazy does go Dharma

3. Road Traveling
I know I am not on the road yet but I must say here that I am looking forward to it in every sense of the forwardness of it.
A. Moving or Gypsiness
I might as well include you in the history of the Gypsy Dharma formally known as Darlene. 
1. Moved into a new house with my parents at 1year.
2. Moved into my grandparents home at 14year.
3. Moved into many fun homes with fun drugs (past) too many to remember we can just call this move 3.
4. 1st husbands mom house
5. back to mom's house
6. 1st real apartment (17 years)
7. duplex (rent was only $200, although it was a questionable neighborhood but $200)
8. 2nd apartment
9. 3rd apartment (the worst, pink appliances and counter tops and gross brown carpet)(19yr)
10. first rental house kind of cute but very small 900 sq ft
11. Condo with 2nd husband (21 yrs)
12. Bought first house (the house I grew up in from 1 to 14yr) (22yr)
13. Moved to Vegas and bought 2nd house (25yrs)
14. Left husband #2 and bought my own condo (26yrs)
15. Moved out of condo with Blake, husband #3 into a rental house
16. Moved to St George, UT and bought a house with Blake
17. Moved into my mom's 2nd home (mom has only moved 5 times in her 57yrs) (30yrs)
18. Bought house is Clearfield, UT (so damn cold in the winter, had to move, what was I thinking)(31yrs)
19. Moved into a run down condo for $500 a month in St George, Ut (warm again) (32yrs)
20. Moved into our van for a few months in California (I guess you could call this a move, $6000 to move into just an apartment in Cali, can you believe that?)
21. Rental house back in Vegas (good and bad)
22. Bought another house in North Las Vegas (Great house, bad neighborhood, what was I thinking?)
23. Moved into rental house in the Lake's (still Vegas) (34yrs)
24. Into RV Feb 2008 YES! (36yrs perfect for the retirement of me living in a permanent structure.

Ok 23 moves in 34 years I belong in a home that travels with me. After all the idea of living in one house for the rest of my life and "settling" down feels nauseous, like putting me in a pine box under the ground. At the same time all the constant packing up and moving stuff is driving me crazy and at the same time I LOVE to move around and I enjoy all the new energies of new areas and new places. I want to stop over in each state or country of interest for about 6 months and then move on to the next. Why did I not think of this sooner? A house that moves with me, my stuff and my little people (children) perfect for this Gypsy women. 

Another advantage I thought of was how close I think we will get to one another, when we (Mitchel, Bree, Carter and I) went to TX and AZ last Feb 2007 we had the best time, so fun and such bonding relying on each for help, love, support. 

Con I have a husband that will not "live off sunshine" (living with limited means of income yet finding all you need). So we will be living in the 5th wheel with each other until we want to move around then I am not sure. 
I have a goal to go the the Life is Good conference and the Live and Learn conference. SO from Feb 2008-April 2008 we will be living in our 5th wheel in LV, NV then in May 2008 we will be travel around the US starting from Cali to OR to Vancouver, WA to Montana to WI to MI to NY to Maine to Eat Coastal line  to NC to FL to TX to NM to UT to NV to see my older children and grandchild. Then head south for winter and May 2009 head through the middle US states or where ever our hearts desire, MI, NY and beyond. If Blake will join us all the time I am not sure. I will think more of this and get back to you. 

This year so far has really been a healing year for me. I feel that as the next year approaches that it is going to be the best full of joy and fun year to date. My life feels dramatically changed- my older 2 children, Danyell and Marc, have moved on and out and have embraced their lives beyond mom, I feel myself calming and yet having fun and experiencing joy is the path I continually strive to pave. I watch Bree, Mitch, and Carter play, experience joy and learn things that I know they want to know not because anyone told them. Radical Unschooling along with Joyful Parenting is my daily refined commitment to them and myself. I choose to see our family equal and with that we can all support one another. I enjoy the great circle of goddess friends I have manifested (and continue to manifest) into my life. They are true friends and I thank them so dearly for their constant example and support. Blake is my friend and companion  who inspired the light within me that glows on today. I love myself and am so grateful for the crazy different person that I am and continue to be. I spoke with my amazing grandmom who told me that "my life would be boring if it were not for you, my little gypsy granddaughter" I see myself as amazing and continue to want to expand the greatness and wonder within my goddess soul. 

Live, Love and Smile
Plant it and it will Grow!



OrganicSister said...

Dharma, Your nomadic and joyful spirit shine through this whole post! Glad to see you found some computer time too!!

Annette said...

Hey Dharma, Great to hear from you, my gyspy soul sister!
You're going to love it OTR!
Love and hugs, A xxxx said...

You know, I couldn't wait to settle down into a house, but I don't know that we were ever meant to really stay in one place for too long. Maybe 5 or so years at the most? Since I got married, this is the longest I've stayed in one place (a year and a half). Of course, I managed to stay in my childhood home for 17 years.. so maybe I'm just ready to wander and roam... and see the world now! :)

Btw- I noticed unassisted birthing as one of your interests. :) Are all your children UC? Our last child was an amazing UC experience.