Sunday, October 21, 2007

36 years today, have I really been in this time, space, reality that many years?

Up until recently age has been an issue for me NOW since listening to Healthy at 100 by John Robbins, a book about people in other parts of the world living way past 100 and doing it without drugs, I have a great new perspective on myself and how I feel about aging. I now feel that with age truly does come wisdom and more vitality. In the Centenarian societies John speaks about, people lie of their age to be older and age is more of a fun event and people look forward to the years as they past. These people remain healthy physical and mentally young and vibrant because they continue with their lives in a light hearted fun way. From my perspective it is the attitude and mentality of the people that keeps them young way into their 140 plus years. I will always remain healthy and vibrant and I love keeping my young vibrant awareness. Honestly I still feel 18 my body feels strong and lean. 

Yesterday I was getting some stuff together for a yard sale and came across some pictures of me at 16 years I looked at them and thought "I think I look much better now". I know that what ever aging I do do will be a compliment to my beauty and even at 100 plus I will be out their exploring and living life enjoying the beautiful road I will continue to pave. I challenge any of you reading this now to define our societies expectations of aging as a bad thing and prove them wrong. It only takes that 1% to start the change of belief factors. Age is only years and there is beauty in all, just enjoy your path and make it what you want it to be.

Happy Birthday to me I celebrate this special holiday because I love me and I love who I am. I am young, sexy and oh so beautiful. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I intent to joyously ride the wave to the fullest. Over the next year I will be living my dream of travel and promoting health and wellness. I will be a "dee dee" (grandmother) in March 2008, I will remain and even improve on the healthiest and strongest I have ever been. Fun and Joy is the road I pave for the next year. 
I am Young! 
I am Beautiful!
I am Fun!
I am Goddess of my universe so hear me Sing loud and clear inspiring others to let go and just enjoy the ride down stream!

Thanks to all who make up my universe I love you all!

4 comments: said...

Happy birthday!! :)

re: unassisted birth-
I have our birth story posted on my blog. Here's the direct link!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday!

Annette said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you spirited, beautiful, sexy, fabulous inspiring gyspy goddess!!

tons of love and hugs to you
A xxxxxx

OrganicSister said...

Happy Birthday!

I had a tough 25th and felt like it was "all downhill". But I meditated on it and was shown an image of a flower in bloom and how it is just as beautiful open as budding and just as wonderfully wilting and nourishing others as it is in bloom! Since then my perspective has changed and I no longer think about age in a negative way. It's just more wonderful experience to share!