Friday, October 3, 2008

What's Up

Here is a quick update::

All kids are great:
Danyell: Married in July to Cris and Jake G-baby is now 7 1/2 months old crawling, and now the fun begins. Ya Me I get to play with Jakey and Danyell to be mom!
Marc: still gone, I know he is going from friend to friend in North Las Vegas, I miss the person behind the drugs and I know he is figuring it out!
Bree: is raising money to go to Washington DC in Dec. with Montessori, getting some experience in young adult relationships at school and I love and miss her being home all the time. Montessori is saying they are going to continue with high school, that is good since she is not public school or other private school material. I think when the courts cant force her to go to school anymore she will NOT! I know she likes her friends at school a lot and I know she loves her freedom more. 
Mitch: video gaming, TV and friends as much as possible. I will be filming him being a little raw food chef this month. Part of our family goal to be finacially independant.
Carter: video games, TV, Movies, and friends. He is experiencing what its like to interact with other little men and at times it has been painful, mostly he is a happy, peaceful man.
Blake: IRS and Audit, need I say more. I keep inspiring him to stay in his happy space. Major changes at work, Fedex Freight and he may be moving on come Jan. after 25 yrs.

Myself: WOW I am feeling more at peace and happy daily. Doing, basically 4 questions and turnaround about your thoughts it is the best way I have ever found to change your thoughts, change your reality!
Writing 3 childrens book (2 done), adult book: creative ways to get your kids to eat more fruits and greens book, Raw kids dvd with Mitch, I have all my business plan done and I am ready for $50,000 to show up and happen. And/or the local raw food restaurant, Go Raw, asked me to be apart of their expansion and buy into their business (we will see). Big realization for me, I am allowing myself to live in my own business (not so much in my children's business). I am having the best time!
I will creating a new blog for the books and other business I have in mind (raw ice cream). 

Lovez and Peace

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